A Complete Guide of Places to Visit in Kumrat Valley – A Newly Discovered Paradise on Earth

Imran Khan Visit to Kumrat Valley
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Imran Khan is surely an influencer as people of Pakistan take his words seriously. The Prime minister of Pakistan urged Pakistanis to watch the Turkish drama Ertugrul and it became an overwhelming hit in the country. He also recommended Pakistani youth to read a book about the history of Islamic civilization titled Lost Islamic History: Reclaiming Muslim Civilization from the Past by Firas Alkhateeb. This book is being sold in numbers after Imran’s recommendation. Same is the case with Kumrat valley situated in Upper Dir where Imran Khan showed up for boosting the tourism in KP province. Now people are visiting the Kumrat valley in numbers, not just because Imran Khan was there but due to it’s mesmerizing natural beauty.


Kumrat Valley:

Kumrat valley is almost 400 km away from Islamabad (capital city of Pakistan). It is adjacent to Swat valley and is approximately 40 km away from Swat valley. Kumrat is a magical place with some breathtaking scenic views and picturesque spots for the travelers. Every summer numerous tourists from all parts of the country visit to Kumrat valley and enjoy the lovely weather.

Weather in Kumrat Valley:

The weather in Kumrat is very pleasant in summer as it is on average 20°C but in winters it is very cold with the heavy snowfall of about 3 to 11 feet. The temperature in winter remains below freezing point i.e. -4 to-10°C. The ideal time for planning a visit to Kumrat valley is in spring or summer season.


You can find many hotels in Kumrat valley that will provide you with satisfactory facilities. But for the adventurers Kumrat valley is an ideal place for camping. If you are planning to visit and camp in Kumrat then Katora Lake is a great spot with some eye-catchy views. Katora Lake is alpine glacial lake as it is filled with the melting glacier waters from the surroundings. Katora is actually a Pashto word which means bowl. As the lake resembles a bowl therefore it has been given the name Katora.

Ideal for Camping:

Kumrat valley is famous for its abundance of waterfalls and streams. This place is ideal for base camping. If camping is not your cup of tea then there are few hotels and resorts where you can spend your nights. But if you are camping then you will experience the fairy-tale like night skies with the soothing sound of water gushing down the hill.

Kumrat has been discovered recently therefore reaching to the valley is a bit tough as the roads are still under construction. The valley is situated in the upper reaches of Dir and you can reach there through 4×4 vehicles because the roads beyond Sheringal are not constructed properly.

Places to Visit in Kumrat Valley

Kumray valley offers loads of picturesque and mesmerizing spots. These breathtaking places will make you fall in love again. The lakes you can visit in Kumrat valley are

Do Kala Chashma Lake

Kala means black but the water in Do Kala Chasma is not black at all. The name Kala Chashma is given to this place  just because the mountain from where the water is coming is of black color. People often wonder that Kala Chashma has black color water but that is nothing but their perception. The water in Do Kala Chashma Lake is crystal clear and cold. It is being used for drinking. You can have some of the national snacks i.e. Pakoras from the dhabas nearby.

Do Kala Chashma Lake, Kumrat Valley, Upper Dir, KPK
Do Kala Chashma Lake, Kumrat Valley, Upper Dir, KPK

Wooden Canals Thal

Wooden Canals Thal
Wooden Canals Thal

Katora Lake

Katora Lake is an alpine glacial lake as it is filled with the melting glacier waters. Katora Lake is a bowl shaped lake and that is why it is named Katora which is a Pashto word meaning bowl.


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Waterfall in Jahaz Banda

Jahaz Banda is a meadow in Kumrat valley which is surrounded by tall trees, snow-capped mountains and green pastures. The Waterfall in Jahaz Banda is a place to behold.


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Bara Dand Lake


If you like lush green spots then there are many forests and lush green spots in Kumrat valley as well some of them are as under

Forest Kumrat

Forest Kumrat

Jahaz Banda Meadows


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Badagoi Pass

Another places worth visiting are Jandrai Trek, Jandrai Village and Dojanga Lake. After the pandemic lock-down when government decided to open the tourist spots including Kumrat valley, people flooded to this valley and trash as well as litter appeared everywhere. As a responsible citizens people must keep their beautiful country clean and green.

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