A 250-Tonne Deadly Boulder Has Been Resisting Gravity for More Than 1,300 Years

Krishna's butter ball
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India is a country full of mystical places and there is a 250-ton Boulder which is balancing itself on a tiny base of a slippery slope for thousands of years. Thus rock is located is the historical port city of Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu, India.

The rock is six meters high and five meters wide, it weighs 250 tons and inclines at 45 degrees angle on a 4-ft plinth. The rock looks round in shape but the top-back part of the rock is sheared off which is visible from its backside. It is still unknown why the stone has such a weird cut as no rock can have such shape after natural erosion. The local people have given it the name “Krishna’s Butterball or “Vaan Irai Kal” which translates from Tamil as ‘Stone of Sky God’.  The rock looks like it will roll off the slope at any moment and will crush the city but it’s been there for more than 1,300 years. That is why the locals have firm belief that there is a godly miracle inside this Boulder which is making it immovable.

History of Rock:

According to Hindu mythology, lord Krishna was extremely fond of butter when he was a child. One day he stole the butter and a bolus of the butter fell here and made a giant orange clump. It is also believed that god of the sky has arranged the rock in such a way to prove his power. That is why it is named ‘Stone of sky God’

Humans in the history have tried many times to move the rock. Many kings of the past have failed attempts in moving the rock.

King Narasimhavarman was a famous ruler in Pallava dynasty who ruled South India from 630-668 AD. He believed that the rock was descended from heaven and he didn’t want the sculptors to touch it. He tried everything and used every equipment he could have to move the rock but he failed.

The rock is so firmly based that even seven elephants weren’t able to move it collectively. Sir Arthur Lawley, the governor of Madras decided to remove the boulder from its place for the safety of the populated town beneath it. For this he ordered seven elephants but despite all the struggles of the elephants, the rock stayed still.

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