7 Places to Visit in Chitral Valley

Chitral is located in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. This valley is surrounded by the mountain range Hindu Kush which is elevated at 7,709m above sea level. Chitral is the most popular place in the Kalash Valley where the Kalash people are still living with their Greek culture. If you want to visit Chitral then the best time to visit is from April to October when the valley is full of colours as well as fruits. In winters Chitral wears the white blanket of snow.

You can visit Chitral by air as the flights are operational from Islamabad to Chitral on daily basis. You can also go there by road. From Islamabad to Chitral, it will take approximately 10 hours by road via AH1/M-1 and N-45 with various different stopovers. Here are some of the beautiful and worth-watching places in Chitral.

Tirich Mir:

Tirich Mir Mountain
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Tirich Mir is one of the tallest peaks in all of the mountain ranges. It is also the highest peak in the Hindu Kush Mountain range. Tirich mir has got an elevation of 7,708m. the view of dusk and dawn on this peak is a breathtaking experience which everyone should have. There are many resorts near the Tirich Mir Mountain which will provide you are awe-inspiring view of dawn.

Shahi Mosque:

Shahi Masjid, Chitral
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Shahi Masjid was built by Shuja ul Mulk in 1924. Shuja ul Mulk was ruler of Chitral from 1895 to 1936/ this mosque has got a very beautiful architecture with white marbles and eye catchy engraved art. The architect of Shahi Masjid depicts the true culture as well as traditions of Chitral.

Shahi Qila:

Shahi Qila, Chitral
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When you will be in Shahi Masjid you will also come across Shahi Qila also known as Chitral Fort. This majestic building was once residence of Raja Nadir Shah in 14th Century. It was later restored by Shah Afzal in 1977. This fort is now the personal property of ceremonial Mehtar Fateh-ul-Mulk Nasir.

Chitral Museum:

Chitral Museum
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Chitral Museum was built in 2010 and the idea to built a museum was to maintain the cultural heritage for the tourists. Chitral Museum has two section which are Archaeological & Kalash Gallery and Ethnological Gallery. You can see some notable things related to the Gods and Goddess of Chitrali people. You can also see jewelry, furniture and instruments of ancestors that was used in 12th Century.

Garm Chashma:

Garm Chashma

Garm Chashma is avery popular tourist spot in Chitral. Garm Chashma as it’s name is suggesting offers hot waters in springs. IN Chital usually all the watercourses bear cold water but Garam Chashma is unique in its way. You can reach Garam Chashma through a jeep ride. Garam Chashma is famous for it’s healing properties.

Shandur Polo Ground:

Shandur Polo Ground
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Polo is the most popular game in Chitral and there are many polo grounds in Chitral. But the most famous one which is also the highest polo ground in the world is Shandur polo ground. It is about 4 hours drive from Chitral valley. Thousands of local as well as foreign tourists gather here to witness one of the most spectacular game in the world here.

Kalash Valley:

Prince William and Princess Kate in Kalash valley
Prince William & Kate Middleton in Kalash Valley, Chitral

Kalash Valley is the most popular valley in Chitral district and it is known for it’s Greek background. Kalash people are one of the minorities of Pakistan. They are practicing their religion with freedom in Kalash valley. This valley is in the south of Chital and almost 34km away. The best time to visit Kalash Valley is between April and July when they celebrate their three different festivals.

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