7 Apps with Blasphemous Content Have Been Banned by Pakistan

PTA has Banned 7 Apps due to Blasphemous content

Google and Apple have banned seven apps in Pakistan that were developed by Ahmadis in United States of America. According to the sources PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) has banned these apps because they were sharing blasphemous content continuously despite complaints from the Muslim clerics across the country.

Three of the controversial apps has got fabricated Arabic text allegedly found in the Holy Quran as well as the commentary from the Ahmadi perspective. These apps are still available in Playstore and App Store in other countries, PTA is waiting for Google to remove the other four apps which include FAQ on Ahmadi eschatology and a weekly Urdu language news magazine.

New rules were issues by PTA last year for social media regulation after they faced backlash from the famous Muslim clerics over the propagation of the illegal content. These rules now let the authority to censor any content that can harm the government or the sanctity of Islam in any possible way.


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