5 Safari extensions that you should use

Safari Extensions

People who use Apple devices know that Safari is the best web browser of Mac. Safari is quick, reliable and delivers one of the best web browsing experience. But many people are unaware of the fact that the native browser of Apple provides loads of extensions just like Google Chrome which will further enhance the web browsing experience.

Here we are presenting five handy Mac Safari extensions for you.


Grammarly Extension
Image Credit: Grammarly

this is a free safari extension which is a must have for those who write a lot. This extension is very handy when you are chatting with someone or writing a blog post. With this extension you can avoid the typos or spelling errors and will save you from embarrassment. If a sentence that you have written is grammatically incorrect, it will highlight the sentence and you can fix it instantly. Grammarly works with Facebook, Hootsuite and WordPress. This is a free service and if you are looking for some extra features like detecting plagiarism then you can use the premium version.


Pocket Extension

Pocket is a very famous bookmarking tool for Safari which allows you to save any web content i.e., an article, a video or an image to watch or read later. It is a very handy tool for the ones who are in research field. With Pocket you can read the article later without any active Internet connection. If you find an article of your interest but don’t have time to read simply ‘pocket’ it and then go through it later when you are free. It is a free extension but it has also got a premium version which seems less handy.

YouTube Lyrics:

YouTube Lyrics Extension for Safari

YouTube dies not support lyrics on a video officially but there is a lyrics extension from Rob Wu displays which will solve this issue. This free extension displays a button just below the video window and when you click on the button the extension will locate the lyrics of the song and will display them in a window on the side of screen. This extension also works with SoundCloud, Saavn and Spotify Web player.


Liner Extension for Safari

Sometimes you come across an article which is worth sharing in your inner circle. However, there are only some portions of the article that you want to highlight. In such scenarios all you need is Liner which is an extension of Safari for highlighting important parts of the article. So next time when you will read an article all you need to do is to click on Liner extension icon and a dialogue box will appear allowing you to know the Highlight Mode is ON. Now you can easily drag and drop any part of the article you need to highlight the text. With this article you can always refer back to the old articles whenever you want.


SearchPreview Extension for Safari

When you search something on Google you get the results in text listing which is a bot boring. If you use SearchPreview extension you will get a thumbnail image of the website along with the text description. This makes the search results more appealing. This extension comes in handy when you are shopping for clothes or smartphones. This extension works with Google, Yahoo! And Bing etc.

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