5 Most Attractive Tourist Destinations in Germany

Germany is famous for it’s historic sites and natural beauty. People are often perplexed for selecting a place to visit as there are many historic cities and small towns worth watching in Germany. There are loads of mountains and forests and the ones who are looking for the recreational activities should go for the places like Black Forest, Rhine Valley and Bavarian Alps. If you are looking for arts then you need to visit metropolitan areas which includes Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich etc. We have made a list of the top 5 tourist destinations in Germany. You can also read about the places to visit in Saudi Arabia. Lets have a look at the tourist attractions in Germany.

Brandenburg Gate:

Brandenburg Gate - Baaythak Travel
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Brandenburg Gate of Berlin has been modeled on the Acropolis of Athens and it was actually built in 1791 for King Frederick William II. Situated in the Mitte district of Berlin, Brandenburg Gate was the first ever Neoclassical structure. It is a 26 meters high which also includes Quadriga which is a stunning looking four-horse chariot carrying the goddess of victory. This Quadrica was once stolen by the army of Napoleon and took it to France as victory trophy. Quadrica was returned back to Berlin when Napoleon was defeated.


This monumental structure has got six columns on every side of the structure which forms five imposing passages. Four of the passages were used for the regular traffic while the center one was used for royal carriages. Brandenburg Gate is the most iconic building in Germany but do you know that this majestic building was damaged during World War II. It was also part of the notorious Berlin Wall and it was the symbol of the division between East and West Berlin. This building has now become the symbol of German unity as well as freedom at the end of Cold War.

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The Black Forest:

The Black Forest - Baaythak Travel
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The stunningly looking Black Forest with the dark and densely-wooded hills is the most popular and  most visited regions in all of the European continent. The name Black Forest has been taken from the dark color of various pine trees that grow in this area. This name was first used by the Roman soldiers who were walking through Germany and they were blocked by dark and dense forest. The Roman’s called it Silva Nigra which is a Latin translation for Black Forest. Black Forest is located in the Southwestern Germany and it extends almost 160km from Pforzheim in north to Waldshut on the High Rhine in the south. This place is considered as the heaven for the hikers.


The most famous places in the Black Forest includes the ski area at Todtnau which is the oldest one in Germany. It has also got a breathtaking resort of Bad Liebenzell and the magnificent spa facilities of Baden-Baden. Black Forest Railway is another highlight of Black Forest which is centered on Triberg with most popular falls. It has also got the Black Forest Open Air Museum. Black Forest has got some majestic castles and various medieval town as well as villages. Some of the villages are more than 100 years old. These villages have got many churches and picturesque shops. There are many rivers that flow in Black Forest which includes Danube, the Enz, the Murg, the Neckar, the Kinzig, the Nagold, the Weise and the Rench.

The Balck Forest - Baaythak Travel Facts
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Black Forest has also got one of Germany’s highest waterfalls i.e. Triberg Falls with a descent of 163 meters. Wood-carving is the traditional cottage industry in Black Forest region and carved ornaments are produced in large numbers as the souvenirs for tourists. The most famous of them is Cuckoo clocks which are being made in this region since 18th century. Black Forest is also very famous in fairy tales as the forests in Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel and Snow White are all based on Black Forest.

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Miniatur Wunderland and the Historic Port of Hamburg

Miniatur Wunderland - Baaythak Travel
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Miniatur Wunderland, the largest model railway of the world is located at the heart of the historic Port of Hamburg. It is got more than 12,000 meters of track and this colossal model has got various different sections which are dedicated to England, USA and Scandinavia. It has got 890 trains, 300,000 lights and more than 200,000 human figures. Tourists who come here spend hours in this awesome world with some staggering and detailed miniature airports where the planes actually take off. It has got the bustling cities, mesmerizing rural scenes and busy harbors. You can also explore the Port of Hamburg while you are visiting Miniatur Wunderland. Port of Hamburg is considered as the gateway to Germany and it covers 100 sq km. It is one of the largest cruise ship terminals of the world.


The construction of Miniatur Wunderland started 20 years ago by twin brothers Frederik and Gerrit Braun. After 8 months they completed three sections which are Central Germany, Austria and Knuffingen, an imaginary German town. These three sections took round about 60,000 man-hours to complete. Now there are 9 completed regions of Wunderland. There are more than 300 people employed and upon it’s construction more than €35,000,000 ($38,750,000) has been spent. The main attraction of Miniatur Wunderland is the train system which has got 9.8 miles of track. It has got more than 1040 trains, 10,000 railway cars, 3454 switches and 1380 signals. All of this is managed by 50 high-tech computers.

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Insel Mainau: The Flower Island of Lake Constance

Insel Mainau The Flower Island of Lake Constance - Baaythak Travel
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Insel Mainau is a very beautiful Flower Island located on the mesmerizing Lake Constance. It covers 110 acres of area and it attracts loads of tourists to some of it’s spectacular gardens and parks. You can go there by boat or through a pedestrian bridge connecting it to the mainland so you need to have some extra time in addition to two/three hours required to explore this staggering place. It has got 18th century Schloss famous for a beautiful White Hall, an old defensive tower as well as a gatehouse.


There are many things that can be experienced on Mainau like exploring the palace, visiting the animal farm, walking among the Mainau Island tulips, enjoying the butterfly house, having a coffee and many more. This island is on the north-western part of Lake Constance which is the largest lake of Europe. This lake is bordered to north and west by Germany, to south by Switzerland and to east by Austria.


Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Rothenburg ob der Tauber - Baaythak Travel
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Rothenburg is an impressive city in Franconia which is a region that has been characterized by its culture as well as language. Rothenburg is probably one of the most attractive places of Germany and it lies on the banks of beautiful River Tauber. The walls as well as towers of this city are untouched since the Thirty Years War of 1618. this perfectly preserved medieval town is very attractive. While visiting Rothenburg you can join a walking tour and can opt to walk alone as this is one of the most famous things people do here. You can go to one of the many tourism offices and pick a map and start your journey. While walking on the old streets of Rothenburg you will feel that you have time travelled in the past.


There are many places to explore in Rothenburg like there is a majestic Ratstrinkstube, an impressive 13th century Town Hall (known as Rathaus in German language), St.-Georgs-Brunnen fountain, Imperial City Museum and St. James’s Church. Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a German phrase which means “Red Fortress above the Tauber” and it is referring to the location of Rothenburg which is located above the river Tauber. This town was bombed partially during the World War II and half of the town was destroyed before the Germans surrendered. After the war was over, this town was rebuilt to its original style. Movies like Harry Potter and the Deadly Hollows (2010, 2011) and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968) have some of their scenes filmed in this impressive town.

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What are your thoughts about Germany? Have you ever visited this country which is at the heart of Europe? If yes what was your experience of visiting Germany. Share you thoughts in the comments section below.

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