5 features of WhatsApp you should try out

5 WhatsApp features that you must know - Baaythak
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WhatsApp is the most famous messaging app all around the globe. It has got loads of features that are hidden in the settings area. Though you are familiar with most of the features, there are still many that you may not know yet. We have come up with five features of WhatsApp that you may not know and you should try.

How to check if the message is read without blue ticks

If someone has turned off the read receipts on WhatsApp then the blue ticks do not appear. So it becomes very difficult to know if the person has read your WhatsApp messages or not. But hang on there is a solution to it. You can send the audio message to that person. So if he/she has disabled the blue ticks you will know if the user has checked the audio message. This is because disabling the blue ticks features does not work on audio messages.

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How to check all photos and audio/video files sent on WhatsApp

The is a very simple method to check all the photos, videos, audio files and GIFs on your WhatsApp. All you need to do is to open WhatsApp app and then tap on the search bar. Here you will see mentioned options. Once you select one of the options the app will show you the files accordingly. Once you have got the collection of photos, videos or GIFs, you can send them to anyone in your contact list.

5 WhatsApp features that you should know - Baaythak
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How to delete files which are larger than 5MB on WhatsApp

if your phone is running out of the space then you can delete some of the unnecessary files from WhatsApp which are larger than 5MB. All you need to do is to go to Settings>Storage and Data>Manage Storage. Here you will have a option i.e. Larger than 5MB. You need to tap on this and WhatsApp will show you all the files larger than 5MB. This you save your precious time and let you free up the phone’s space quickly.

How to read WhatsApp Web messages without opening the chat

In order to read a message on WhatsApp message without opening it all you have to do is to just place the cursor on the chat without opening it. When you will place the cursor on the chat, the newly received message will be shown.

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How to find most important message on WhatsApp

If a person sends you a message which is an important one and you might want to access the message at some other time then all you need to do is to mark that message as star. The purpose of marking a message as star is to cut down the search time. You can mark important messages as well as media files in chat and for that you need to tap and hold the message and then press Star icon. You can later find the starred messages by tapping on the three dotted icon which is located at the top right corner.

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