5 Common Superstitions in India

Superstition is defined as a belief that is not based on any human reason or scientific knowledge, but is connected with old ideas about magic. There are many superstitions in different parts of the world. Here are some of the superstitions commonly held in India.

Crows Shit Brings Luck

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In India if you are going outside and a crow shits on you, it will be considered as a good luck. This superstition is based on the belief of Indians that if you suffer difficulty then you will have good fortune in return. Next time if you are in search of some good luck just find a crow and chase him till it shits on you.

Curd to ward off bad luck

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One of the most commonly practiced superstitions in India is to have full spoon of curd with sugar before going out or starting a new journey in order to guarantee good fortunes. It is strongly believed that a sweet start will make any of your task good and easy-going.

The Mynah mystery

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There are many superstitions related to magpies (mynah) like if you see one magpies it will bring the bad luck to you. If you see a couple of them it will bring good luck to you. If you see six of the magpies together then it means you are going to get lots of money.

No Cleaning the Home after Sunset

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Another strange superstition is cleaning your home after the sunset. It is believed to scare off Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of money. There may be a logic behind this superstition. When this superstition was originated there were no electricity and it was a common practice to finish your work before darkness.

Kaajal for Baby’s cheeks

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In India, the evil eye is a very big deal therefore Indians use various different methods to avoid the evil eye. Toddlers are the ones most prone to catch an evil eye therefore you will see many of them in India with a small spot of Kaajal on their forehead, cheeks or under their feet.


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