4 Amazing Waterfalls of the World

Well have you ever heard the sound of water striking the rocks and then finding it’s way down the mountain. It is the most amazing noise that will ripple your ear drums. It is the sound of a waterfall that will grip you and you will wish to be there all your life. Waterfalls are nature’s gift to us and there are many all around the globe. It will be very hard to distinguish the most amazing waterfalls but here we have come up with some of them.

Rhine Falls, Switzerland


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Rhine Falls is one of the most amazing waterfalls located in Switzerland. It is the largest waterfall originating from the river Rhine. The width of this waterfall is 150 metres but it’s claim to fame is the huge volume of water passing through which ranges from 250 to 600 sq metres per seconds. Rhine Falls is very easily accessible as it is located in the northern Switzerland near Schaffhausen.


Palouse Falls, Washington


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Palouse Falls is one of the most impressive not just because of the amazing water but it is also the official waterfall of Washington State. This waterfall is almost 180ft tall and it has the power to throw the mist for producing rainbows.

Tinago Falls, Philippines


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Tinago Falls is an awesome tourist attraction in Iligan town. It has a 240 feet height and the colourful waters will fall in the tranquil pool which is ideal for swimming. Tinago in Filipino means ‘hidden’. This waterfall can be accessed by two different towns. One from Linamon and the other one is from Buru-un. It is advised to take the Linamon route as it is easy to travel from there.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe


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Victoria Falls is another mesmerizing waterfall located in Zimbabwe, Africa. This waterfall is the only one that has a length of more than 1 kilometre and 100 metre high. This waterfall lies in the Zambezi River and it is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. In the summer the water level drop so much that the tourists can walk on some patches of the waterfalls.

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