19 dead after a brutal attack on Kabul University

Attack on Kabul University (2)
Photo Credit: Twitter

At least 19 people have been brutally killed by the gunmen who attacked the Kabul University. The attack was stopped when all of three gunmen were killed. In this brutal attack at least 22 student were wounded.

Attack on Kabul University (1)
Photo Credit: Twitter

A government official was expected to arrive at the campus for inaugurating an Iranian book fair and at the expected arrival time the attack began. Taliban have denied their involvement in this brutal attack on the university students. Islamic State group has the history of attacking the education centers in Afghanistan which includes an attack outside a tuition centre in Kabul last month in which 24 people died. This group also claimed the responsibility of an attack in front of Kabul University 2 years ago.


Students can be seen running away from the targeted site with sounds of gunshots in the video clips. Some students were seen climbing the walls in an effort to escape from the targeted site. Afghan people are furious after the attack in another educational institute. An afghan journalist took to Twitter and tweeted that “Books, pens and students are no longer safe.” this brutal attack on Kabul University has come up about a week after a disastrous attack on an education centre in the city which killed more than 40 students.

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