15 Life Hacks Which Will Make Your Life Easy

Life Hacks are the tricks that allows you to increase your productivity plus they help you to come out of the annoying situations. There are life hacks for each situations and today we will present you 15 amazing life hacks which will make your life easy.

1. You can use clothespin for preventing your fingers

2. In order to put a stripped screw, use an elastic.

3. Both of them won’t separate if somebody trips on them.

4. Sometimes small things can save your day

5. You can apply few drops of solution for the contact lenses to your dry mascara.

6. For keeping your floor clean while drilling you can use a folded post-it

7. In order to fix the flip-flops, you can use some cardboard

8. In order to retrieve small objects that you have lost, you can wrap socks or thighs all around your vacuum cleaner.

9. When you are following a recipe you can use hanger to hook the book

10. Use the cap and neck of empty bottles for closing opened bags

11. A Pringles tube can play a role of great container for your spaghetti.


12. In order to get rid of the permanent marker stains from your body you can use the highlighter

13. You can use two halves of a plastic cup to improve the sound of your laptop.

14. Now your kids can eat an icicle without worrying about sticky fingers.

15. Extracting an egg yolk flawlessly

Have you ever thought of extracting an egg yolk flawlessly? Well there are several methods for separating egg yolk from the whites and one of them is empty bottle method.

  • All you need to do is to squeeze the empty bottle
  • Place the empty bottle’s opening over the egg yolk while still squeezing, now slowly let go of your squeeze
  • The yolk will be sucked in completely and will be separated from the whites.

Extracting Egg Yolks Flawlessly

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